Knitting Looms

So, aside from being too sick to look at a computer screen (sinus migraines are Hell when coupled with computer equipment). I have not crocheted, knitted, or tried out my knitting looms.

All of which I intend to do next week. Here’s my post-sinus infection recovery plan. January 19th, overlay all the beta reader notes on Anonymous Dreams.

January 19th and 20th prep for release. I haven’t seen how many beta reader comments I have on Anonymous Dreams. If it’s only a few, then uploading can begin the 19th. If it’s tons, it might be the 20th. 19-21 upload to all retailers for release! As it becomes available I’ll share the links on here as well as my other social media sites.

So, the person that makes The Dysfunctional Chronicles giggly has finished her review of The Dysfunctional Expansion. After I get Anonymous released, I’m going over Expansion. It will release April 1st if I get my ducks in a row. And Avenging Reality will release in June… which I’m sure is going to annoy some of you… but I could use a boost to summer sales and Avenging Reality could provide that boost.

After I finish edits on Anonymous Dreams, we will return to daily character posts on the blog (probably the 20th). At the moment Eric has one unfinished and unposted, Jacob has one, Patterson has 2, and Isabella Stuart has 1. These are all still unfinished, hence their unpublished status. As of the 11th, there were approximately 60,000 words on the character blog posts, if they resume on the 20th… probably in February it will reach 100,000 words and be released on Book Funnel.

After reading Eric’s from Wednesday there will be some sort of editing done to them before they release.

Ok, back to being in recovery mode. And hopefully, by the time everyone finishes reading Anonymous Dreams I’ll have finished something on one of the knitting looms!

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