Books in Order by Series

I’ve had a lot of comments that it is hard to follow the order of my books in each series.  To rectify the problem, I have created this page.

The Brenna Strachan Series

  1. Dark Cotillion
  2. Dark Illumination
  3. Dark Resurrection
  4. Dark Legacies

The Dysfunctional Chronicles

  1. The Dysfunctional Affair
  2. The Dysfunctional Valentine
  3. The Dysfunctional Honeymoon
  4. The Dysfunctional Proposal
  5. The Dysfunctional Holiday
  6. The Dysfunctional Wedding
  7. The Dysfunctional Expansion

The Dreams & Reality Books

  1. Tortured Dreams
  2. Elysium Dreams
  3. Mercurial Dreams
  4. Explosive Dreams
  5. Cannibal Dreams
  6. Butchered Dreams
  7. Triggered Reality
  8. Summoned Dreams
  9. Battered Dreams
  10. Belladonna Dreams
  11. Mutilated Dreams
  12. Fortified Dreams
  13. Flawless Dreams
  14. Demonic Dreams
  15. Ritual Dreams
  16. Anonymous Dreams
  17. Dysfunctional Dreams

Nephilim Narratives

  1. Natural Born Exorcist
  2. Oh My Wizard


  1. Short Stories To Read Before the End of the World
  2. Terrorific Tales
  3. Goddess Investigations (published under the author name Nadine Daniels)