Tortured Dreams Update

The edits to Tortured Dreams are taking me forever. You never realize how much stuff happens and is connected in a book, until you make changes. Twice I have made it more than three-quarters of the way through the book only to realize I now had to go back to the first quarter and read through it again to make sure the change I made in chapter 40 something hadn’t ruined the stuff that had happened in the previous chapters.

Having said that, it is worth it. I am loving this version of Tortured Dreams and wish I’d done it sooner. I have a feeling, I will actually want to sit down and read this version as well as listen to the audiobook, which means I might want to read the rest of the D&R series… something I’ve never done before.

For the record, I have changed more than half the book at this point as well as adding chapters. I think you guys will love it as well. The killer chapters have made a huge difference. You understand what is going on more, not just with them, but with everything.

However, the addition of killer chapters means that some major changes have had to be made to some of the regular chapters. At least 10 regular chapters were completely rewritten from start to finish by chapter 33 of the book. And I do love this version. The story is more complete and it just “feels” more coherent.

Okay, now I must return to work… there’s still lots to do!

The Huge Announcement

It’s officially official and I get to tell all of you about the amazing opportunity I’ve been given! I know all of you will be just as excited as I am. In August, I was approached by Findaway Voices. Findaway Voices is the world’s audiobook partner, revolutionizing the business of audiobooks since 2006. Today, Findaway delivers hundreds of thousands of titles to over 45 retailers and library partners worldwide.

They first disrupted the CD-focused world of audiobooks with Playaway, a built-for circulation audiobook player now used in 40,000 libraries, schools, and military installations globally. In 2013, Findaway advanced audiobooks in the downloadable and streaming space by launching Audio Engine, the industry’s largest B2B audiobook delivery platform. Now, Findaway enables every brand in the world to offer a complete audiobook collection to their customers and compete on a global scale. In 2016, with the goal of making every book in the world available as an audiobook, they launched Findaway Voices, an audiobook creation platform for independent authors and publishers.

Findaway Voices is launching a pilot program where they buy the rights for audiobooks and pay for the production from independently published authors (like myself). I was fortunate enough to be one of the authors they selected for the pilot program and I am ecstatic. Since the first week of September, I have woke up several times and thought “wow” and had to re-read the last series of emails to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Guess what? I wasn’t dreaming! Which means I have the pleasure to offer my readers not one audiobook, not even one series… but six audiobooks in two different series. If you’ve wondered why I’ve been dedicating so much time to making Tortured Dreams what it should be… here is your answer. Findaway Voices will be producing Tortured Dreams, Elysium Dreams, and Mercurial Dreams as audiobooks. Tortured Dreams will be revised to have killer chapters, which it desperately needs as well as fix some of my rookie mistakes. Reading it for editing has proven to me I am a much better writer than I was eight years ago.

Ah, the great announcement continues… Nearly all of you love the emotionless Aislinn Cain. However, three years ago I introduced you to a character completely her opposite; Soleil Burns the extremely emotional, easily annoyed half angel who swears more than an angel or even a half angel should with the release of Natural Born Exorcist Book 1 of the Nephilim Narratives. Along with the first three D&R books, Findaway Voices will be producing all three of the first Nephilim Narratives: Natural Born Exorcist, Oh My Wizard, and Demon Boxes.

And last, but certainly not least if sales of these audiobooks do well, there is the option to buy and produce more of them!

The revised version of Tortured Dreams will release in 2 parts. The audiobook will release first and then after a few months the ebook will be updated to match. I can’t give you release dates for any of the audiobooks yet… we haven’t even started auditions and frankly, I’m still writing killer chapters for Tortured Dreams. No worries, when I know, you’ll know. It won’t be 2020. Instead you’ll have to content yourself with reading the ebooks of Demon Boxes releasing at Halloween and Buried Dreams D&R #20 which will release in December. Oh and one last thing, I will have final say on the narrators!

Now, break out the boogie shoes and help me celebrate with the happy dance!

Mystery Boxes

Back in April or May, I said my best friend and I were trying out mystery boxes. We’ve tried several types now including Deadbolt Mystery Society, Finders Seekers, CRAAAFT, The Murder Mystery Box, Sleuth Kings, and Hunt-A-Killer. Our favorites have been Deadbolt Mystery Society and Sleuth kings. We’ve enjoyed Deadbolt so much, that not only are we signed up for their monthly subscription, but occasionally we buy additional stand-alone boxes.

I think Deadbolt Subscription boxes eventually become stand-alone boxes, because I’m fairly certain Hacked was either June or July’s subscription box and it’s now available as a stand alone purchase. Deadbolt Mystery Society and Sleuth Kings have well thought out storylines as well as a variety of puzzles to solve.

The Murder Mystery Box had a good storyline, but it was more like reading an Encyclopedia Brown mystery than solving a puzzle box. Finders Seekers has a variety of puzzles but the storyline is weak. Same for the CRAAAFT puzzle. Hunt-a-killer has a good storyline, but it’s also more like Encyclopedia Brown for adults than Deadbolt or Sleuth Kings and as much as I love Encyclopedia Brown, I found Hunt-A-Killer tedious at times.

As an added bonus; Deadbolt Mystery Society has a “collector’s card” in each box. Now that we have solved eight Deadbolt Puzzles, we’ve decided that when we have enough we are going to make a collage out of the collector’s cards. For those interested, we have solved: Behind the Wall, A Dark & Stormy Night, Framed, Hacked, The Collector, Catch Me if You Can (the Collector Part 2), Duel, and The Ferryman (this was a freebie). We have 3 Deadbolt and 1 Finder’s Seekers in our possession that we still need to solve Finders Seekers Boston, The Strange Case of Mr. Mindgame, The Circle, and The Pretender.

My best friend and I upload the puzzle boxes to a shared DropBox folder and solve them together over a Zoom meeting. On average we take about 3 hours to solve each box. So far the hardest has been Finder’s Seekers Hawaii because after checking the contents of the box, I discovered one item was missing and when I tried to contact Finder’s Seekers about it, I didn’t get a response.

I know some of you have asked about mystery puzzle boxes and these are my recommendations. The Deadbolt Link is actually my affiliate link. If you buy a box using that link, I’ll get points for it that I can use towards earning money off on my next box. Deadbolt is in fact my favorite, but Sleuth Kings deals with more variety of crimes. We’ve done two; one was an art heist and the other a murder mystery and we’ve enjoyed both immensely.