Today’s premium content post will post tomorrow, I messed up the dates on it.

However, let me tell you something I have in the works right now. I set goals for myself as a writer every year. I do this because it isn’t like I am working towards a promotion or anything, since I work for myself; I don’t know how I would give myself a promotion or any other achievement reward. But studies show people are more “productive” at work when they have goals to reach, as long as the goals are attainable. Previous years’ goals have included things such as learn to market myself and my books better.

The past couple of years, I have taken a few master classes to build my writing skills. In 2021, I set the goal that I would take at least 6 classes to improve my writing skills and have signed up for 3 already. The difference is all my previous classes have been passive, two of this year’s classes (so far) are interactive, meaning I have homework and must participate in class. The three classes I have signed up for in April/May involve a class on writing better horror, how to write a romantic mystery, and how to construct a plot twist. Someone else was nice enough to sign me up and pay for writing romantic mysteries… I can’t imagine I will write a romantic mystery after finishing the class, but it’s interactive so I will have homework. This homework will benefit my readers! As I will release it as premium content

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