Taxes, Taxes, Taxes… F*CK*NG QuickBooks

I have less than a month to get my 2020 taxes filed and … My Monday was spent dealing with issues related to QuickBooks. I spent 4 hours trying to “fix” my company file, which QuickBooks refused to open because it was damaged. I did as instructed and downloaded QuickBooks Tool Hub and set about fixing my company file for 4 damn hours… At which point, I contacted QuickBooks technical support who informed me the file couldn’t be fixed because it wasn’t broken. They had me uninstall QuickBooks and reinstall it and it opened the file. Needless to say, at the end of day 1; I had a terrible headache. Now the question I know you’re wondering about: why am I not completing my QuickBooks paperwork at the end of every month, like I should be.

In order to do my 2019 taxes, I had to scramble to reconcile every month of 2019 because it had magically un-reconciled when I went to get my paperwork together. I actually was doing pretty good in 2020 and then in August I logged on to complete my monthly paperwork and the program refused to work. I unistalled it, I reinstalled it, I looked online for troubleshooting tips for my problem, and finally I gave in and upgraded to the 2020 version. At this point, the program worked, but I didn’t have enough space on my hard drive to run Windows and QuickBooks… I have a double hard drive system and it’s not a partitioned drive, it is 2 completely different drives. And so I couldn’t just re-partitioned my C to give it more space. And then I got busy preparing audiobook scripts for Tortured Dreams, Elysium Dreams, Mercurial Dreams, Natural Born Exorcist, Oh My Wizard, and Demon Boxes.

I was going to do it in January, but my right eye stopped compensating for my left and my computer screen became blurry… so now I have 4 months of QuickBooks work to complete so I can get my taxes done. For the record, I despise QuickBooks with every ounce of my being.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if I’m not around much this week as a result. I will be doing tax paperwork and dealing with QuickBooks.

I also expect a few days next week will be a wash as I am scheduled for my second COVID vaccination on the 22nd.

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