Social Media Accounts & Premium Content

I’m going to issue a short statement regarding social media: I only have a couple of social media accounts: I’m on Twitter and Facebook. I also have an Instagram account, but I haven’t a clue what the password is and I don’t have the email address anymore to recover the password. These accounts are all labeled Hadena James. I AM not associated with any Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts which uses a character name. For example: I am not associated with the Instagram account AislinnCain or the Twitter account Cainaislinn.

I’ve been offering premium content for close to 9 months now. And it has been riddled with issues. I went with WordPress because my only other option is Patreon. It has been fraught with problems. I originally considered ditching the concept, but a reader talked me out of it, especially after learning I have 3 or 4 partially written D&R novels that suffer the same problem as NN4: they are so messy I can’t get to the ending.

I have made a decision: In June, I am going to move Premium Content to Patreon and just accept the fees and deal with the issues associated with Patreon. When I get it up and rolling, I will share the link on my blog. I believe I know how to turn off payments being received through WordPress. However, if I can’t get it to turn off on my end, I will post the instructions on how to unsubscribe. I picked June so that none of the July or August yearly subscriptions would renew and still allow most of you to get your full year.

I do apologize for this, but I know sometimes my premium content is made available to non-subscribers on WordPress, which isn’t fair to those who pay and isn’t fair to me considering the amount of work I put into Premium Content. However, as I said this won’t happen until June. I still have to learn Patreon and I’m not going to switch in the middle of a draft release on WordPress. I will be releasing the D&R drafts I have at a later date through Premium Content. I intend to set up Patreon’s payments at the exact same levels I have them now. I know Patreon allows for yearly subscription payments as well as monthly, I just haven’t figured out how to set it up yet. There’s still a great deal of learning I need to do with Patreon.

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