One A Year

I was five chapters into a new D&R book when I hit a brick wall. This happens from time to time and it’s more likely to happen with D&R than the other series(es) I write. It’s triggered by the severity of Aislinn Cain’s character. As a non-standard character, there isn’t much room for growth and expansion with her. And I as the writer feel very strongly about the subject of the D&R novel I started writing, which made my personal feelings incongruitous with Aislinn’s. Also with as much as I enjoy a good crime novel, I occasionally get bored writing D&R. And so, I made a decision after staring at the title page of Chapter 6 for half an hour.

After publishing 17 D&R novels, sometimes with multiples a year in order to prevent me from pulling a stunt like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did or Agatha Christie did, I am only going to publish one D&R novel a year at Halloween. I like to experiment and improve my skills. Strangely, I also really enjoy writing series and the two desires sometimes end up battling each other.

This means you can expect the next D&R novel to release Halloween 2021. However, before you panic remember that there is a Nephilim Narratives undergoing the first round of edits and March 23, 2021 the revised audiobook version of Tortured Dreams will release. The revised ebook and paperback Tortured Dreams will release in late June 2021.

I actually think that starting this year I’m going to move to 1 book per series per year, meaning you will get one Nephilim Narrative in 2021, one Dysfunctional Chronicle in 2021, and one D&R novel in 2021, and if I publish anything else, it won’t be in any of my established series. I believe this will make me happy as well as keep me from prematurely killing Aislinn Cain, Soleil Burns, or Nadine Daniels.

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