A Dog & Crochet Post

Since I’m waiting on my glasses (I am nearsighted & farsighted in my left eye, my right eye is basically fine and has been compensating for the left), but after a series of sinus infections it got out of the habit of compensating and now I can’t see unless my computer is zoomed in to 300%. I decided I want to make a cardigan. I live in jackets in my house and thought I should make myself some cardigans, but I’ve only tried making clothes, beyond scarves, once and it didn’t go well.

To practice, I decided to try making a couple of dog sweaters. I have completed 3 (one didn’t fit Kelly). Now, my niece loves getting handmade gifts and I think she has about a half dozen scarves I’ve made. This year, I didn’t make her anything, I bought all her gifts and she told me she was a bit disappointed by that. I didn’t make her anything because my mom made her an afghan and frankly she has plenty of scarves (although she swears you can never have enough handmade scarves).

She came in this weekend and I had her go through my yarn and pick out a color to make her a cardigan. Once I finish Kelly’s next sweater I’m going to start on a couple of cardigans. I found an easy (Skill Level 1) cardigan that has an option for buttons and I am looking forward to trying it out. But I decided to share some of Kelly’s sweater pictures in the meantime.

However, let me explain some of the photos:

  • Line 1 Pictures: This is Sweater 1, I did not finish it because I followed the pattern exactly and it didn’t fit Kelly. I had trouble getting it over her head and then her legs wouldn’t come up to enter the leg holes. The color is Tourmaline and I did use the sizing for an XL dog.
  • Line 2 Pictures: The finalized second sweater. I measured Kelly for the sweater while she was lying down and found her body to be 14 inches long from neck to back leg, so that’s what I made her sweater. Except when she stood up she was longer than 14 inches and I had to add a bunch of rows because the first time I tried it on her, it looked like a crop top (picture 1 of line 2).
  • Line 3 Pictures: The back of the sweater three I completed. Sweater 3 complete. Finally, the start of the first cardigan.

The details of these sweaters: The yarn is Homespun by Lion Brand Yarn. The colors are Tourmaline, Petunia Stripes, Gothic, and Waterfall. And the pattern I used is the Poet Dog Sweater. It took 2 1/2 skeins to make Kelly’s sweater: I did not finish it according to the pattern because even using the XL pattern sizing, it didn’t quite fit her… as a matter of fact using the XL sizing did not fit her… so while I used the pattern as my base I needed more stitches across the back and underside than the pattern called for, in order to fit her in it. I suspect this is because she’s a mutt and she is incredibly barrel chested. Homespun is one of the Lion Brand lines that is made in the US. Homespun is one of my all time favorite yarns; I am making a couple of patchwork afghans and they above discussed cardigans out of homespun (Clouds for my niece’s cardigan and Waterfall for my first one for myself). Kelly’s second “poet dog sweater” is also made of Homespun Gothic (a purple and black mixed yarn).

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