Nephilim Narrative 4 Explanation & Premium Content Release

When I wrote NN4 in November and re-read it in December I realized the ending didn’t make sense. I spent most of December trying to edit the book to make it easier to follow and have the ending make sense. Unfortunately, the more I tried to fix it the worse it got… So December 30th, I started rewriting the book from the beginning. And in the process I restructured the plot.

And that opened up possibilities. Originally, my plan was to release the draft of NN4 after I published the rewritten version of Movement in the Shadows. But with the main plot changing, I could release it before publishing the rewritten book. There may be 2 “spoilers” neither central to the story or series. Both are things dealing with Helia and while I am certain I will keep one of them, I may not keep both.

The draft of NN4 is 34 chapters long and 100,707 words. Before releasing chapter 1 on the 6th, I spent several hours trying to format the post to allow me to release 2 or more chapters at once with no success. It just refused to put all of it into the premium content box. My guess is the length of multiple chapters being around 5,000 words (or more) was just too much for it to handle. I am investigating ways to release the book as a full download for premium content members once its been released chapter by chapter.

Anyway, this means you’ll get at least 2 premium content posts a week as the draft chapters release. Interestingly, this draft version will release through the expected publication date for the new Movement in the Shadows; which deals with a serial killer and cambion. Something startlingly different than the draft version you’ll be reading until then.

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