Buried Dreams Released!

Buried Dreams has released! I have uploaded it to all publishing sites: Google, B&N, Apple iBooks, Amazon, etc. It will slowly become available for purchase on all these sites over the next couple of days. As of my typing this, the only link I could grab for it was Amazon.

Each site/platform has a different amount of time between upload and availability. It’s available on Amazon, it will be available on Google next (later today). The slowest is B&N and it could be Tuesday or Wednesday before it shows up there. It may show up on Apple iBooks later today or it could be Monday.

Considering this is book 18 in the series, a lot of platforms will send an email when the book becomes available saying “This author that you’ve bought before has released another book” or something similar. Or you can just keep checking your favorite ebook retailer for the release.

2 thoughts on “Buried Dreams Released!

  1. I see it on Amazon. Oddly, It says “Buried Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 18) … Book 17 of 17: Dreams & Reality Series When I look at the Amazon series page I do not see book 9. Did book 9 go away?

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