The Online Grocery Order from Hell

With my household in quarantine because J tested positive for COVID, we placed a grocery order from our local Gerbes to be delivered. 14 of the 30 items on our grocery list were refunded or replaced. Here’s the thing, I don’t believe they were out of all these things, I believe the InstaCart shopper was just too lazy to get them. I have tried to complain, but InstaCart just sent me a form “we’re sorry there was a problem” email that did not address my issues.

Of the 14 missing items, they replaced 2… my pizza crust mix was replaced with premade crust that I can’t turn into a calzone and my Mexican cheese blend was replaced with Italian cheese… 2 bags of it. However, I’m not a fan of mozzarella on my tacos and I already had 2 pounds of Italian cheeses that I had grated from mozzarella, asiago, and parmesan blocks. So I absolutely did not need more Italian cheese.

In the entire store there was apparently not a single bottle of pancake syrup, corn syrup, carton of eggs, jar of pizza sauce, nor any hot dog buns. Now, I admit, I usually reject substitutions, but I wasn’t even given the option about substitutions for any of these items. Ditto the pizza crust mix and cheese, I wasn’t asked if the substitutions were “okay” (it wasn’t), it was just done. Meaning I paid $4 for pre-made pizza crusts I can’t use for calzones and can’t use anyway because apparently there was not a single jar of pizza sauce in the entire store. They will just have to sit in my fridge until our quarantine is lifted and I can go shopping for myself.

I attempted to complain to InstaCart and Gerbes, Gerbes told me I had to contact InstaCart. I tried. No luck. The order doesn’t show up in my account. And it won’t let me lodge a general complaint. It was absolutely pointless to place the grocery order that cost me $10 to have delivered not counting the shopper’s tip (which honestly I tried to remove and couldn’t). Nearly half the items I ordered didn’t arrive and two were so hopelessly wrong that I have no use for them at the moment.

Now, the reason I suspect it was a shopper problem is because when my order arrived it was delivered by two people a young man and a young woman, the male was supposedly my shopper. I got the impression the other person was his girlfriend and that when they couldn’t easily find an item they just refunded it instead of asking for assistance for its location, I also suspect that’s why I didn’t get eggs… I imagine they missed it on the list when they were looking for cheese (same aisle) and didn’t go back for them and instead just listed them as being out. I say this because I called the store to ask when they would have pizza sauce back in stock and was told there were plenty on the shelves as well as the pizza crust mix I wanted. I didn’t notice the missing eggs until this morning… Why did I pay more than $15 to have groceries delivered by these people? And now that I’m really unhappy with it, I can’t complain to them about it. I feel like I got swindled by InstaCart. Lesson learned, next time I will use pick-up and hope I don’t spread COVID to the person that brings my groceries out to my car.

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