Milk Glorious Milk

A couple of friends and family members have told me, if you need anything just send me a text I’ll drop it on your front porch for you. Well, the day before we entered quarantine, I had groceries delivered. But as the sun rises on Day 3 of quarantine, I had a thought… grocery delivery is great, but you have to spend $35 and I don’t have room to store 15-17 gallons of milk and the thing we are going to run out of first is milk because I love milk.

By myself, I go through a gallon of milk in 2 days… when I’m congested (like I am now with COVID), I drink it more often. We have 3 gallons, which means by Sunday we are probably going to need milk. The problem is, we probably won’t need a lot beyond milk. We bought half a cow in August, so we are stocked up on beef. We have plenty of pork and chicken, as well as frozen, canned, and fresh veggies. That could be a problem… I’ll have to fill a cart with more fresh veggies and snack foods just so I can get milk delivered… because I find going without milk to be a hardship.

I’d text someone and say “hey can you drop off a couple gallons of milk” because everyone knows I drink a ton of it, but I despise the main brand available in mid-Missouri. The primary regional brand is overly sweet. As a result, I prefer the generic store brand milk over the regional brand in my area, but explaining that to people is difficult. Most people don’t even realize sugar is added to grocery store milk to make it more palatable… so telling them not to buy Brand X because it’s too sweet to drink confuses them. The majority of people think “milk is milk” but I can taste a difference and I don’t enjoy overly sweetened milk.

Those are my Wednesday night COVID thoughts. I have some sinus congestion, still feel winded, and I’ve developed a headache across the entire top of my head. I’m tired but not overly so. I had one high blood pressure reading on Wednesday during the day, but I’m also struggling to stay on top of my CRPS pain in my hip. I don’t know if it’s stress because I have these other symptoms or if COVID actually does impact CRPS pain levels… either way, I suspect it was hip pain and not COVID that spiked my blood pressure just before dinner. I’ll continue to monitor it and other vitals.

6 thoughts on “Milk Glorious Milk

  1. OMG! I know what you mean about milk and that it is definitely not all created equal!!! I have 2 growing girls (almost 11 and 13) so we always have milk in the house but I drink it, too, so that means we have to get about 2 gallons a week (not as much as you, though!!). For a while, we were using lactose-free for my older daughter when she was having some issues and she complained about one of the brands being much sweeter than another. Of course, me and her sister had to try this out and she was right. It was super sweet like someone had dumped sugar in it! Just tasted wrong to us so we made sure not to get that brand again. Luckily, her issue seems to have self-resolved so the 3 of us are drinking the same milk we had before.

    Maybe you could take a picture of the milk you have and send that to one of your friends so there will be no mistake! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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    1. Yes! I like some brands of lactose free milk, but most are extra sweet. Every time I have digestion issues they start with “you’ve probably become lactose intolerant.” Thankfully, that has never turned out to be the case… I can drink lactose free milk, but there’s only 1 or 2 brands I like and they are crazy expensive. If I ever do become lactose intolerant, I will probably cry for weeks.


  2. As a nurse, I can tell you that milk and dairy are mucous forming foods. They will make your congestion worse. Beer is another mucous forming beverage. Try to stick with water, tea, and bone broth when congested. Hope you feel better soon.


      1. I had no intention of giving up milk because it might cause more mucus production. I argue with mine about how drinking milk on a hot day won’t make you sick your stomach is 98.6 degrees or thereabouts all the time regardless of the outside temperature unless you have a fever so the outdoor temp has little to no bearing on curdling milk that’s being drank. It’s always interesting what people believe.


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