I write these words with COVID. J tested positive for COVID on December 1. When we got the call, neither mom nor I had symptoms. Unfortunately, as of this morning, we both also have COVID.

My mom is more fatigued than normal. But says otherwise, she feels fine. I feel winded. I am not struggling to breathe, but I am breathing a little harder than normal. We are all wearing masks inside our house right now and I find this to be a challenge. I can’t get enough air through my nose (this is not a COVID problem), so I am breathing through my mouth all the time which dampens my mask and makes it harder to breathe through it. So I am changing my mask every couple of hours.

J might be asymptomatic. He is dealing with sinus issues, but he was dealing with those even before exposure, so I can’t say for sure the sinus issue is a new problem and COVID related.

Most surprisingly, none of us have noticed a change in our sense of smell or taste. Considering 85% of people who get COVID experience taste and smell issues, I expect at least one of us to experience it, but so far we’re all smelling and tasting things just fine.

Aside from a little shortness of breath, I also don’t feel “bad”. I am experiencing some hot flashes, but no fever and I’m not exceptionally tired.

I am hopeful that none of us will end up with severe symptoms. Also, I owe everyone a premium content post. I forgot about it in the chaos of everyone getting COVID.

6 thoughts on “COVID

  1. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and sincerely hope you all get through this quickly and with as few symptoms as possible!!! My doctor is almost 100% positive that I had COVID back in late March through April. I had a low grade fever and fatigue every day for almost 3 months straight. Because I could breathe normally, they wouldn’t let me get tested until almost 2 months into it (back then, they were very limited on number of tests and wouldn’t test unless you couldn’t breathe) and I ended up testing negative. My doctor still does not think the test was accurate. Anyway, I do wish you and your family the speediest and easiest recovery ever!!!!

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  2. ugg!! Just now reading this. I was worried when I saw your posts about the masks. I mean to text you and work has just been sucky. You still feeling ok? Now I want to call you every 15 minutes ad check in! UGG!

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