Thank You

After such a stressful election that the whole world watched, I want to say thank you to all the volunteers that worked polls and counted the votes. You did a phenomenal job during an exceptionally difficult and strange time. You had to deal with COVID exposures. You had to deal with people being rude. You had to deal with protestors that accused you of cheating, stealing, and any number of other crimes. And once in a while, as people chanted and protested outside the buildings where you worked you had to stay focused on the job at hand and not worry about how you would get out to your car at the end of your shift or if someone was writing down your license plate with the intention of doing you harm later if they did not get the result they wanted.

You are patriots!

You are unsung heroes!

You are amazing!

And everyone in this country owes you a debt of gratitude for supporting the election process.

I thank you with all my heart.

3 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Hadena,

    Thank YOU for not worrying about what others think and for stating what is so obvious and true about Trump and die-hard Republicans. I am a Democrat but I am not fanatical. I have not voted for a Republican for president but have voted Republican for other offices like for my current governor, Larry Hogan – Maryland. I loved John McCain and still miss him. There have been Republican presidents that I liked. It should all be about who fits your values best and coming TOGETHER if your side does not win. Honestly, my biggest gripe with Republicans is why they say they do not want anyone telling them what to do (Don’t Tread on Me) but at the very same time want to tell ME what to do. I feel that is the biggest difference between parties. One wants to let everyone have choices while the other wants to tell everyone what to do by banning this or controlling that. And it really ticks me off about the whole gun thing. EVERY Democrat I know is fine with guns for personal use and hunting but agree that assault weapons are exactly that. The only animal in our country that an assault weapon COULD be used to hunt with are feral hogs. There is no other animal in our country that you need an assault weapon to hunt. Anyway, I could go on and on but my main point is to thank you for putting in words so many things I feel and believe. I read every one of your recent posts and agree 100%.

    THANK YOU!!!!

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  2. This newsletter is the most positive commentary on this circus of insanity these last weeks.

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