One or The Other

President Trump is beginning to file lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop the count because it is after election day. At the same time, he is filing lawsuits in Arizona and Nevada to ensure the count continues. He needs to make a decision either he wants votes counted or he doesn’t.

Even more bizarrely, he’s complained about widespread voter fraud in Nevada because Nevada sent out mail-in ballots to all registered voters this year for the first time, but the only ballots left to count in Nevada are mail-in ballots, so if Trump pulls ahead, using his own logic it’s because of illegal ballots being cast for him because the in person election went to Biden in Nevada.

As Americans, we should be pressing for every legal vote (regardless of how it was cast) should be voted. Not storming counting offices like some people are doing in Wayne County Michigan. Which is being targeted specifically because Wayne County is the city of Detroit and it tends to vote Democratic, not Republican so as the count of Wayne County mail in votes continues, the number of votes cast for Biden grows and will eventually lead to Michigan casting it’s electoral college votes for Biden.

In every election for more than 100,000 years absentee and mail-in ballot counting has continued for a few days after election day. It was a big factor in the recounts in 2000 when we struggled to figure out how Florida was casting it’s votes. Only in 2016 and 2020 has this been a huge deal. And since mail-in ballots are processed exactly the same way as absentee ballots, I still can’t figure out why the president thinks there is widespread fraud among mail-in ballots but not absentee votes.

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