Brain Fried Post

This is sort of a random post. I am sorta brain fried. I am supposed to be working on the first set of edits that Krissy got back to me on Tortured Dreams. But I have an eyelash issue.

I don’t know if the shaft of a single eyelash broke Saturday night or if the eyelash just grew out enough to be bothersome on Saturday night. Either way, it’s one of my upper eyelashes, it should turn up, it’s turning down. Occasionally it touches my eyeball and almost all the time I can see it in my field of vision. I spent some time Saturday night and Sunday morning trying to figure out how to fix the problem, but most suggestions were “leave it alone”. But being in my field of vision, it’s hard to ignore it. Also, it keeps tangling in my bottom lashes and occasionally it touches my eyeball.

Finally, this morning I found an article on WebMD. They said to use an eyelash curler on it. If the shaft is broken, it will break it off or if it’s growing the wrong way, I can curl it up with an eyelash curler. This works on the assumption I own an eyelash curler. And while I am female, I don’t own a lot of beauty supplies… in 40 years, I’ve never needed or wanted to use an eyelash curler.

2 thoughts on “Brain Fried Post

  1. In your case, I would suggest that the eyelash curler is a medical device, rather than a beauty device. 😉

    Since I grew up in the 60’s I appreciate a woman’s natural beauty (especially from with) rather than cosmetically gildng the lily.

    Go with your instincts.

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    1. I ordered one since none of my local stores seem to carry them in stock. If it will fix my problem I’ll buy and use one. I just thought it was funny WebMD just assumes everyone has one.


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