My laptop has a 105 gigabyte solid state drive for C and it’s an individual drive not a partition. Except 105 gbs isn’t very big. Two applications I use have removed the option to install anywhere but C: Office and QuickBooks. Here’s the thing except for the C drive issue, my laptop works great and I still have close to 600 gbs free on my separate D drive.

Monday night, I opened Word and was informed Office had an update. I futzed with it for two hours or so before giving up and going to bed. I uninstalled Office, reinstalled office, ran CCleaner twice, tried to check what programs had files on C, etc.

I woke up Tuesday morning and began futzing again. I managed to free up 10 gbs on my SSD and reinstalled office. Viola! It works again. But it got me thinking… I understand why my laptop has a SSD C Drive, but it’s too small. I stopped using iTunes on my laptop ages ago because there just isn’t room for it and like QuickBooks and Office it will only install to C unless I mess with the installation registry and I’m not comfortable messing with registry keys.

Which leaves me two options: buy a larger SSD and have it installed as C or buy a new laptop. So part of today is going to be spent researching SSDs from Dell to have installed.

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