Blah Blah Blah

Well, it took five full days of antibiotics, but I am finally over my sinus infection. I’m still having a few issues with hay fever, but nothing like I was. I haven’t been around because I have been super hard at work on something I should have done ages ago.

However, I am hopeful that Thursday or Friday will see a return to regular blog posts and maybe even an appearance on social media. As I await the edits on Demon Boxes I have undertaken a Herculean Task.

Due to time constraints the last books being published of 2020 must be altered… Readers will still get Demon Boxes: Book Three of The Nephilim Narratives and one more D&R book this year, but the others are going to have to wait until 2021 to publish. In order to get out Buried, Innocent, and Dysfunctional Christmas in 2020… Innocent needs to be in the first stage of editing. Unfortunately, that’s the stage Buried Dreams is in not Innocent Dream.

2020 just keeps sucker punching us with double hurricanes, flooding, financial upheaval, rampant illness, and social unrest. I would not be surprised if Ol’ Faithful spewed lava instead of water or if Mt. Rushmore finally just gave up and collapsed. If these happened, they would probably be the least traumatic parts of 2020. Then again, should Ol’ Faithful spew lava it might be the collapse of the US and it would definitely take down the already unstable famous carved cliff face, so who knows.

Update done, I must return to work…

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