Too Early for That

I spend two or three weeks in September miserable. I’ve been told it’s hay fever. My symptoms are a really severe sinus headache that sometimes becomes a sinus migraine and makes me wish my head would explode and sinus congestion that is actually swelling of my sinus passages. Normally it hits mid-September and lasts through the end of the month. There isn’t much I can do about it, steroids don’t seem to help much. This year, it started on 15 August.

Due to starting much earlier than normal, my first concern was COVID. However, after three or four days of it, I’m fairly positive that the decision to mow the hay field across from my house simply triggered it early.

So, I feel terrible. My symptoms include the feeling that my forehead is swollen and standing out six inches or so from where it should be, my eyebrows hurt, my head is throbbing and I have moments when I’m hoarse. I am also exhausted. My pain meds even broken in half make my headache worse.

Premium content is scheduled to post through September second, but this is my “calling in sick” announcement. I will be out of the office for a few weeks I think. I am going to try to get a handle on this crap using Vick’s Vapor Rub, lots of hot showers, allergy meds, and maybe a Toradol shot or two. Oddly, last time I was tested for allergies I didn’t have hay fever, but allergies can come and go with hormone issues and weight loss or gain. So, I suspect the doctor’s at urgent care are correct and it is in fact hay fever and it’s just super early this year. They mowed the field on the 14th of August so the timing fits.

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