Donald Trump has once again accused a black Democrat of not being born in the US. First, it was president Barack Obama and now it’s Kamala Harris. Why does he only choose to focus this particular jab on black Democrats? Why not accuse Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders of not being born in the United States? Actually, my question is why is this even an accusation again?

Honestly, I thought about it for several days, and I’ve never heard a presidential candidate or incumbent accuse a rival of not being born in the US until Donald Trump. And here’s the weirdest part, to even be considered a presidential candidate or running mate to one, you have to pass a really intense background check. If you weren’t born here, you don’t make it on the roster of potential candidates and we know this because Arnold Schwarzenegger made a big deal about it when he wanted to run for president and couldn’t because he was born in Austria. If either Obama or Kamala Harris were not born in the US they wouldn’t have been allowed to propose their names as potential candidates that’s just how it works. Why does Donald Trump believe he knows more than everyone else in the world? That is a serious question by the way.

It’s exactly like his accusations of mail-in voter fraud… Apparently, Donald Trump knows something no one else on the planet knows about mail-in voter fraud. I mean, hundreds of investigations into the possibility of voter fraud have been done since 1865 (when mail-in voting started) and not one of those investigations have turned up evidence of nationwide mail-in voter fraud and the largest number of fraudulent ballots for any election has been less than 100. How then does Donald Trump KNOW there are millions of fraudulent mail-in ballots every election?

How is anyone supposed to take him seriously when he provides no evidence to support his claims and no one else on the planet knows about these things? There is literally more substantial and tangible evidence aliens built the Pyramids at Giza than there is; that millions of ballots accepted via mail are fraudulent every election. In 2016, Oregon found a total of 10 fraudulent ballots after the election. JUST TEN. Even if you multiply that by 50, you only get 500 total fraudulent ballots nationwide…. meaning we aren’t even in the thousands yet, let alone millions. And 500 votes for a national election isn’t actually enough to sway it. Furthermore, in a country where less than half the eligible voters can even be bothered with it, why would someone go to great lengths to participate in mass scale voter fraud?

These outlandish claims without evidence aren’t just a “nuisance” to those of us who like evidence, it damages his credibility on everything. How can I trust Donald Trump to tell the truth, when he has a history of exaggerating and making things up randomly for no real reason? I mean mail-in votes did not impact him in 2016 and they won’t again in 2020… but he’s still obsessed with it to the point that he is slowly defunding and dismantling the postal service. Trump has promised a permanent payroll tax cut on Social Security taxes if he’s re-elected in 2020. But do I believe him? Can I trust that his obsessions and lying won’t lead to an increase in payroll taxes should he decide that a payroll tax cut would further impact something he obsesses over? And a Trump supporter told me recently, he isn’t obsessed with mail-in voting fraud, it’s the “liberal media” making a mountain out of a molehill… so I went back and counted; he tweeted nearly everyday about mail-in voter fraud in July 2020. It truly is an obsession for him; I don’t Tweet that much about my own books in a month.

And I wonder if birthday and Christmas cards are going to need to be sent via FedEx in the future because of bogus mail-in voting fraud.

4 thoughts on “Again?

  1. Both the birthers and you are wrong.

    Section 1 of Article 2 of the United States Constitution only says he/she must be a “natural-born citizen.” There is “no born in the USA” requirement. The constitution does not expressly define “natural born” nor has the Supreme Court ever ruled precisely upon its meaning.

    It was interesting to note that the whole born in the US lie was dropped by Republicans as soon as Cruz gained momentum in 2015/2016. He never hid that he was born in Canada of non natural-born citizen parents, nor that he held dual citizenship at the start of his run. Apparently it only matters to racists when the person is not lily white. (Although Cruz being white is now questionable since they have been demonizing all Hispanics as murders, thieves, etc.)

    Now of course they are resurrecting this deliberately untrue argument.

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    1. So, what you’re saying is I need to write a letter to my 8th grade government teacher about him playing Born in the USA in the background the day he discusses the requirements for POTUS. Dear Mr. H: I have always remembered the requirements to become president because you pretended to be Bruce Springsteen at the beginning of class and played Born in the USA softly on repeat throughout the lecture. But I did a blog post about it recently and discovered you were wrong. In the 36 years since I took your class how many other students have you misinformed about the president having to be born in the US?


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