Mondays Storms

On Monday, the plains and midwest got hit by a terrible storm. My area of Missouri was “side swiped” by the storm. My town saw sustained high winds and astounding amounts of rain. While it was happening, I was in my office with both dogs and then J ran into the basement and announced we’d lost some of our roof. Thankfully, we only lost a big swatch of shingles and there was a roof under it where it had been replaced once before. As it raged on, I was cursing the storm gods, but afterwards I decided we might have gotten lucky.

I am signed up to get alerts from emergency services for my county and I was getting a boatload of alerts during and after the storm for trees down, flash flooding, and power outages. So, yes we sustained roof damage. But we did not lose our electricity and the roof damage isn’t extensive.

When I was calling roofing companies on Tuesday I kept getting asked “how bad is the leak and/or can you see daylight through the hole?” I could not see daylight and there wasn’t a leak and then they’d tell me “it will be at least a week before we can get out to give you an estimate.” Using that as judging criteria, we fared pretty well.

And then J told me on his way to work there were a dozen trees down on the main road from our house. And I’d gotten an alert about a car flipping over in a driveway on our road and a tree falling on a house out here. Neither of those things happened to us either. And realistically, we already knew we needed a new roof. When we bought the house, we were told the roof would need to be replaced in 5-10 years and we’ve been here 3 years this month.

Our dogs got very stressed, even with their “fear rescue pills”. Poor babies both had accidents due to fear. Lola threw up because I left her down in my office for a few minutes by herself while I went to survey the roof shingles in our yard. And Kelly got so scared at one point she peed on my office sofa. For some reason, both our dogs act like we are going to stop loving them when they have “accidents” whether it be vomiting or leaking. Which as all of you can probably guess is not the case. Both of them got extra snuggles and cuddles and told they were very good girls and we loved them after the messes were cleaned up.

Between calls to roofing companies, I read news articles and watched videos of the storm which they are calling a “derecho”. And while we had high speed sustained winds it wasn’t 100 mph or higher like in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana and we aren’t among the multitude without power. Meaning, I still think we are among those that got lucky. Although, I did have to go push one of J’s peach trees back into the ground, it was partially uprooted by the storm.

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