Pick One

According to the COVID numbers coming out of the White House COVID-19 has plateaued in the US, despite the fact that 8 states had record setting case increases this past week including my own state. However, the plateau is part of the reason we know it’s safe for kids to return to school. Yet, I awoke yesterday morning to this tweet from POTUS:

Two things instantly come to mind: The numbers are a lie and he knows it, but won’t admit it and the pandemic is not in a plateau. If it’s not safe to have an election, it isn’t safe to send kids, teachers, and staff to school.

The second thing: Vladimir Putin already did this in 2020. He is now president of Russia until 2036 via emergency order to cancel Russian presidential elections until 2036 or until he dies, whichever happens first due to crisis.

Furthermore, the US has had mail in election ballots since 1864. Why only in the 2010s has mail-in voting become prone to corruption and voter fraud? I mean, I’m a historian and I had never heard of widespread voter fraud via mail in ballot in the US before 2016 despite it being around for 150 years at that point. Also, as a disabled Missourian my 2019 application to vote by mail was rejected due to lack of cause, which is interesting since I can’t drive and I don’t live in city limits. I have no idea how millions of people are committing voter fraud via mail-in ballot when I can’t even get approved to vote by mail despite a doctor’s note and notarized copies of my voter ID.

The point is; either the White House is lying and COVID is not plateauing (which is something a dictator not a president would do – look at the unreliability of case numbers coming out of China and Russia who have lifetime presidents) and sending our kids back to school is a terrible idea as a result or canceling US elections in 2020 is a power grab on the same lines as what Vladimir Putin did earlier this year.

One thought on “Pick One

  1. This absolutely scares me more than anything. This lunatic is trying to take over the White House permanently. As a nation we cannot allow him to do this, but I don’t know how to stop him. My parents live in Washington state and they (the state) only do mail in ballots and no fraud. I really think it would decrease the amount of fraud going on at the polls. Our country is in so much trouble if this succeeds.

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