My pain medication detox continues. I occasionally gain tolerance to my pain medication at an alarming rate. That was happening in July, so I went off the medication. I’m always shocked when someone tells me a single 5mg hydrocodone lasts them 6 hours or more. I do good to get 2 hours of relief out of one. And from time to time, I have to go off them completely for a relatively lengthy amount of time so that they work properly again.

Unfortunately, this means trying to tough it out and just tolerate the pain in my hand, forearm, hip, and tailbone. Being in pain makes me tired, grumpy, and argumentative. More so than normal. Therefore, I’m also detoxing from social media.

I’ve worked a bit during this detox session, but since I am easily distracted and tired it hasn’t been terribly productive. I’ll be back in August.

Until then, premium content is scheduled through August 12th, you don’t need to worry about that. And until then, stay safe.

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