Pre-Release Plans

So, I have taken most of this week off. My hand and arm started bothering me Saturday. Normally, I have an achy tingly sensation in that hand and arm, but I woke up Saturday with it hurting. It went from the normal ache to the feeling that the bones had been crushed. The skin on it feels like it is stretched to the max and I’ve had trouble moving my fingers. Because of this, I haven’t done much since Saturday morning. I’ve written a few blog posts, but typing has increased the pain and I’ve avoided typing much more than a blog post a day as a result.

As a result, I haven’t worked much this week. Today, my new couch shows up. I spent a lot of time on Wednesday reorganizing my office and preparing for it. I also decided on Tuesday that I was releasing a book this week. I could take most of the week off. My book releases at midnight tonight. And I’ll be monitoring it’s release as best I can. Which I intend to do while sitting on my new couch.

That’s my week so far.

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