A Different Reminder

This will be the only reminder for this until June 2021, but I know I am terrible at remembering subscriptions. I started taking payments for premium content on June 15th. This means that over the next few days, your credit card is going to be charged for the amount you subscribed if you subscribed at the monthly rate. The majority of subscriptions were started June 15-June 20th. This means your card will be charged July 15th-July 20th.

I hope everyone is enjoying premium content so far. I have more variety coming in the next few weeks, including a few original short stories. Not to mention, Dysfunctional Dreams will release during this upcoming week.

I am open to feedback as we go along. What do you want to see more of or less of? What do you like best or least? Feel free to let me know.

The good news is, with the release of Dysfunctional Dreams you still have 4 more books to come this year. The first will be Demon Boxes – Nephilim Narratives 3. Pre-orders for it will start in August and it will release mid-September if I get all my ducks in a row. Then in October and November you have two more Dreams novels. Buried Dreams will release Halloween (Avenging Reality will have to wait until 2021). This is followed by Innocent Dreams in November around Thanksgiving or so. And we will end the year with The Dysfunctional Christmas around Christmas.

undefinedBuried Dreams – the team is chasing a serial killer in Tennessee. Finding the bodies of the victims has been a bit of a struggle though until they realize the ingeniousness of the killer. There is more mystery than my normal fair.

undefinedInnocent Dreams – The SCTU is attempting to clean up the serial killers and rapists in Kansas City and start with the child predators.

The Dysfunctional Holiday – Nadine and Zeke decide to throw a joint Christmas party for the Daniels’ Clan and the SCTU/Clachans after Ace and the SCTU made it possible for her to return to work. But let’s be real; it’s Nadine, nothing is going to go as expected.

And that is what you can expect from me over for the rest of the year.

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