Fourth of July Horror Album

I have spent most of the last 5 days in my office with Lola. Dealing with her panic has been all consuming. So, I haven’t gotten much editing done. Not that I didn’t expect this, Lola struggles last year and she was worse this year. I keep hoping the kids across the street will run out of bottle rockets and cherry bombs. But we’re on day 5 and no such luck. So here are all the pictures I have taken of her hiding in my office.

4 thoughts on “Fourth of July Horror Album

  1. Hello Hadena, this is Laura Koch over in Wichita, I know it’s kind of late but we tried the Thunder Shirts for our dogs and honestly they really worked. We have 2 blue heelers, the male Jesse goes nuts but with the shirt on he’s a lot better. Jasmine does real well too. I had gone so far as to give him a 1/4 val to calm him but then he was real ‘dopey ‘ and that dog doesn’t need anything to add to his mental instability. They were inbred, we didn’t know but if a farmer/cattle rancher got them they wouldn’t be at their 12th birthday this yr. Anyway, if you haven’t, try the Thunder Shirts no meds involved!! Good luck and lots of love pats to your furry family.

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    1. I have tried Thunder shirts. They stress Lola out. Lola is very convinced dogs should not wear clothes. When she is super upset she will let me put a blanket on her, but that is as close to clothes as she’ll get. She won’t even let Kelly wear clothes (Kelly would love clothes including coats during the winter), she attacks the clothes until she tears them off Kelly.


  2. Aww poor baby! Aren’t there any regional (town or city) bylaws to stop the noise – it is way past celebration now (glad those things are no longer allowed in Canada). You have beautiful pups.

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