Using a Program

Some years ago, I lost my series bible for Dreams & Reality as well as The Dysfunctional Chronicles. I’ve sorta been trying to rebuild them since with varying degrees of success (or rather lack of). And I’ve put off creating the series bible for Nephilim Narratives. Here’s the deal; they are cumbersome to create and work with. They are necessary, but troublesome and hard to work with. Especially in Word, but moving them from book to book has proved difficult. So, author C. Patt recommended I try a program/app called Plottr.

I was skeptical at first, because I’ve tried to use other programs to help me organize my books and series and I’ve always gotten frustrated and given up on them. Also, I’m a pantser more than a plotter. Some of you have seen my outlines and know that for the most part outlines help me make decisions. They are not for writing Bad Guy A kills victim C in Chapter 5 and in chapter 6 Good Guys find a DNA clue.

This program she recommended wants me to do that sort of thing, but it allows me the freedom to not do it as well. And as I already said it allows me to work in a series bible format not just a book format. I can import and export the entire series bible or each book individually. After just four days of working with Plottr and setting up the book bible for the Nephilim Narratives, I bought it. It is super easy to use and I’m finding it helpful. As a writer, I’ll be recommending it – I already suggested Krissy who edits my content buy it – this will allow here and I to share files and since she’s recreating my book bibles, it’s just that much better if we can both use it.

If you’re a writer, check Plottr out. It won’t work for everyone, but it surprisingly works for me and I’m about the pickiest, least program friendly writer I know.

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