Previous Premium Content for Yearly Subscribers

There’s been a few hiccups with premium content, but I expected some. Hopefully, this will be running smoothly very soon (like after today). The biggest one right now is that I can’t add “two types of subscribers” to a single premium content box. This means every premium content post will have 2 log-in buttons (not a big deal). Monthly subscribers will always use the top log-in (first) button and yearly the bottom (second). Unfortunately, this means right this second the three premium content posts that have published are not visible to yearly subscribers. This post will take care of that issue. Meaning this post contains the Outline for The Dysfunctional Expansion, the scene notes and ideas also for The Dysfunctional Expansion, and the outline for Anonymous Dreams. The Innocent Dreams Rewrite post should be viewable by all premium content subscribers. There are 2 log-in boxes the top box is for monthly subscribers and the bottom is for yearly.

This post is solely the three previous posts not accessible to yearly subscribers of premium content.

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