The 4th of July

Well, it is almost that time. I have to say if we stopped fireworks displays of all kinds this year, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. As we inch closer to the holiday, I find my anxiety rising. Last week, we began discussing plans for how to deal with this year’s holiday. Last year, we were out of town for the week. It was hell on my mother. This year, J and I are staying home. Which means there will be three of us home to help with Lola and Kelly… although really it’s mostly Lola. However, when there’s a lot of them back to back, they start to freak Kelly out too.

In February, we got some new upstairs furniture. The original idea was that we would get rid of the futon that had been upstairs, but we decided to keep it and just move it into our basement. Not only does the basement not have the large windows like our nearly full length upstairs windows, but sound is deadened. This year, it has been decided that when the fireworks begin in earnest night after bloody night, I will move my pillow and heated blanket to the basement and at bedtime, Lola and I will head downstairs together and snuggle on the futon for the night with either the TV or an audiobook playing.

Not only will sound be lessened by us being in the basement, but I’m hoping the sound created by the TV or audiobook will further help distract from the cacophony of noise created by fireworks. As of June 24th, we’ve been lucky. Firework stands have been open three days and we have not yet endured many. Last year, we started dealing with them the first night the stands were open and we dealt with them every night for nearly three weeks.

Which meant poor Lola was taking her regular Prozac along with two Trazodone pills a day to deal with the added fear, anxiety, and stress of fireworks. We are trying to keep her from needing two a day this year, but as the fourth creeps closer I have started to worry about it. Some of the added stress for us, comes from the fact that Lola doesn’t do stairs very well and of course, she has to go down at least a partial flight to get to the basement or be brought around to the garage.

But, at least we have a plan this year.

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