The Garage Garden

It’s fairly well known that I like to garden and I love having fresh fruits and veggies at my disposal. I like to make my own salsa and would love to start making my own spaghetti and pizza sauces as well as some other things. And every year, I consider starting my salsa garden from seedlings… but my adventures with seedlings have always gone badly. I decided when the pandemic started along with the lockdowns, I would learn something new. I decided to learn about indoor gardening. I have wanted to try my hand at hydroponics and since seedlings are hit or miss it seemed learning about those things would be beneficial. And I killed two birds with one stone; I struggle every year to name things I might want for Christmas or my birthday despite the fact that every year people ask me about it.

After much research, I have decided to start an “indoor garden”. It will be a mix of soil and hydroponic growing mediums (methods). The fact that I could walk downstairs and grab romaine lettuce, spinach, green onions, and tomatoes for a salad any time of year just makes me happy. And if I’m going to be using soil as well as water mediums, I might as well grow some herbs as well and I love cilantro, rosemary, and garlic.

And next year, instead of scouring the countryside looking for patio tomatoes (which is actually the “proper name” of the plant we love), I could just start them from seeds. Furthermore, potatoes and onions both grow well indoors and my house eats quite a bit of each. J decided next year, he wanted to put out strawberries as well and will spend part of the fall/winter designing the gardening box for strawberries.

This means between our outdoor garden and indoor garden, we’ll be able to get fresh veggies all year round from either outdoors or the garage. Since, I’ve never grown anything using hydroponic gardening, I added a beginner’s kit to my birthday/Christmas wish list as well as the shelving units, seedling trays, grow lights, seeds, soil, plant food for indoor vegetable growing, and medium to large containers to grow larger plants in (like onions and potatoes). Which means much to everyone’s surprise, I have a list started and it isn’t even July yet.

And as I get used to growing using hydroponics, I can expand into more difficult vegetables. I have a book on hydroponic gardening and apparently even tomatoes and peppers can be grown via hydroponics, but they don’t recommend these veggies (fruits) for beginners – I would of course need to pollinate them myself since I don’t have a bunch of pollinators in my garage, but I already do that with my outdoor plants at times.

I am excited by the prospect of an indoor garden to go with my outdoor one and by trying hydroponics (we eat a ton of lettuce and spinach, but of course it goes bad so fast… having it fresh and available in the garage to just tear off what I want or need seems like a much more convenient system than buying it and letting it go bad in the fridge.

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