The Nephilim Narratives Push

Dear readers;

I have a couple of favors to ask. The first is that Nephilim Narratives 1: Natural Born Exorcist is not free across all Amazon sites and it should be. I need a ton of readers to go to the Amazon page and in the section that says “Would you like to tell us about a lower price” click it and enter one of the links below. This is the only way to make a book permanently free on Amazon.

You can submit the webpage from any of these links. Just click a retailer, copy the link after the page opens, and submit it to the Amazon page. I have provided a picture and outlined the spot where you click in red.

Now for the second favor. This book is in the process of being re-edited. Normally, I use two editors, but I was searching for a replacement second editor when I released it. If you’ve read this book regardless of whether you loved it or hated it, please go review it (honestly – I’m a big girl and can take bad reviews if you hated it) on Amazon, even if you didn’t buy it from there (this is the main spot that gets checked by advertising companies). Most advertising sites require a book to have a certain amount of reviews before you can advertise it. Once the re-edit is complete and it is free on all Amazon sites, I’m hoping to run it on a few book blogs as well as a few adverts, but all of that is going to require more reviews.

Thank you,

Hadena James

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