Growth – A Doggy Post

It’s been a long time since I did a post focused solely on my dogs and decided it was time. Kelly turned 3 years old this month and much to our amazement she has shown growth as a dog this year. Kelly was severely abused and neglected when she came to live with us. She’s a mutt, but one of her identifiable breeds is border collie and so we just expect her to be excitable as most border collies are. But she’s been a handful in certain aspects.


This year, Kelly has shown great progress in her behavior in the last couple of months. She’s even developed a love of taking car rides and to that end we no longer have to pick her up and put her in the car.

She is still incredibly excited whenever anyone shows up at our house. But she’s getting better about sitting to be petted by these visitors and she jumps a little less. It’s been a battle. We’ve been trying to break this desire to jump since we got her, but as the vet said she was so abused and neglected and so happy now to when someone comes to visit and love on her that she just can’t contain it. She even still leaks a bit when people show up. However, my father-in-law had to have a feeding tube put in with his esophageal cancer.

This has helped Kelly figure out that she can hurt people when she jumps on them and she’s getting better about it. She’s still extremely excited; her tail wags so hard it wags her entire butt when a visitor shows up or when you ask her if she wants to go for a ride. But all of these are improvements in her behavior. She’s still a little too jumpy, but it’s unlikely she’ll ever fully stop jumping on people.

Lola turns five years-old in July.


She’s doing well. She still has good days and bad days with her hips, but otherwise she is perfectly healthy and happy. Playing frisbee and going for rides are still her favorite things.

There’s your doggy update.

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