Paid Content Part 2

So, I thought about the idea of offering paid content all weekend and then Saturday I deleted around 30,000 words from Nephilim Narratives 3 because I was struggling to see my way to the end of the book. At around 8 pm, I took a break and thought “what the hell.” If I had saved those 30,000+ words from NN3 I could have shared it as paid content after I released the book. I usually delete around 15,000 words per novel and if I saved those and shared them, my readers would understand just how different the book would have been if I hadn’t cut them.

Paid content will be available on top of my usual blog content. I have yet to decide whether it will be a subscription or a pay per download situation. I need to figure out how to use it before I can make that decision. Either way, I’ll keep prices in mind when I start offering stuff.

So, what kind of stuff can you expect? Early peeks at book covers, deleted chapters from books after the book has published, plot outlines, character sketches, short stories (both related to my main series(es) and standalones), sneak peeks at chapters before a book releases, and anything else I think of to offer.

I’m going to set a specific day of the week and time of the day to setup and release paid content. I have a general thought on it, but I haven’t set anything in stone yet. We’ll try it for a couple of months and if I’m terrible at it, then we’ll cancel it so you aren’t wasting your money and I’m not wasting your time. Once premium content gets up and running, every time I share paid content this is what will show up in the post. If you are a subscriber you and long in and view, if not you can’t gain access to the content. For the purpose of this post, the content is just a thank you letter.

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