Dinner Out

Last night, my MIL, husband, my mom, and myself braved going out to eat. Let me say the food was great, as I knew it would be. But more importantly, I was impressed by the experience.

First, the website said reservations only, so I called and made one. We arrived and were seated. Our closest neighbors were more than 12 feet away and there were only 3 table total. The person that seated us was our waiter. We were given a single menu. It was paper and thrown away after we ordered. And when we checked out, the person that waited on us also checked us out.

Oh and a couple came in without a reservation and were turned away. Overall, it was a good experience.

One thought on “Dinner Out

  1. The could laminate that page and disinfect it, saving the use of waste paper. The small places like this can go belly up very quickly. I am cheering on a new coffee house that opened in mid December… They are all Special Needs employees Father and former minister opened it with the churches special needs from birth defects, Downs, and other V.I.P. Employees… They reopened with a “drive up service” as the rearrange the seating. You call ahead and your Latte is ready when you arrive or pull up place your order with employee seated at curbside, circle the parking lot or return in two minutes and order and change waiting. ..Hardest workers with infectious smiles you will never find.


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