An Interesting Comparison

I was reading some social media posts by a friend who is very “the government doesn’t have the right to shutdown the economy and force me to wear a mask or stay home” and it dawned on me, 19 years ago he was a vocal advocate for shutting places down and expanding government powers to do exactly what they have done. He was a massive supporter of the Patriot Act and of course, 19 years ago were the terrorist attacks.

So, according to him, the government should protect the public from terrorists, but should have no power to protect the public from a public health crisis. Yet, he also shares posts about how coronavirus was manufactured in a lab in China… if that’s true, COVID is another terrorist attack. Why doesn’t the government have the power to protect us from that?

I considered asking him to explain the logic behind this, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to follow it, because to me, it’s illogical for the government to have the power to shut down the economy due to a terrorist attack but not a virus which is far less choosy about victims than a terrorist organization. Also, if he truly believes China engineered the virus, why doesn’t he believe it’s a terrorist attack?

I just don’t understand how he can be okay with the NSA recording the phone calls of millions of Americans and not be okay with the local health department director telling us to wear masks and avoid going out if unnecessary? One of these is a clear violation of the Constitution hence the need to pass the Patriot Act.

I just don’t get it and I consider myself a fairly logical person. And now it appears COVID is going to kill or cripple a bunch of Children in the US as cases of the Kawasaki-like disease continues to crop up in young kids that have tested positive for COVID.

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