I struggle with book endings. It’s a weird thing to struggle with. The climax is there and then the book usually ends without much wrap up. I’m not sure why I do this. Anyway, shortly after I started writing Dysfunctional Dreams an ending chapter came to me and I wrote a wrap up chapter to go with the ending chapter. So, there is more ending to Dysfunctional Dreams than normal. I was feeling really good about it. Then I broke out Nephilim Narrative 3 to work on and guess what doesn’t have an ending?

I guess I got to the ending and got distracted and didn’t finish the book as I thought I had. Yesterday and last night, I went back and re-read Nephilim Narrative 3 and reviewed my notes on it. During the re-read, I thought of a much better ending than the one I had planned.

So, I’m actually glad I didn’t finish it. Guess what I’ll be working on this week? This way as soon as Krissy and Cindy finish with Dysfunctional Dreams and Buried Dreams they can work on Nephilim Narrative 3.

After some thought over the weekend, I think I might know why I struggle with endings. It mildly depresses me to finish writing a book. Strange, right? Now, as a reader, sometimes I’m sad when a book ends, but it’s worse as a writer. It’s like we’re one step closer to ending the series and ending characters I love. This last year, as I finished a book, I immediately moved to the next book specifically because continuing to write even if I change stories helps stave off the “post-novel blues”.

There is a draft version of the jacket copy uploaded to Amazon (I meant to hit “save as draft” but because I work from habit and don’t pay really close attention I hit ready to publish), Dysfunctional Dreams is available for pre-order on Amazon. As soon as I finalize the jacket copy I will release it everywhere for pre-order. But as several readers have pointed out “There was jacket copy? I didn’t notice it, I just knew it was Ace and Nadine, so I bought the book and didn’t read the book description.”

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