Dysfunctional Dreams

I have finished writing Dysfunctional Dreams. I am working on the jacket copy now. Once it’s complete pre-orders will begin. The book will release July 17, 2020. It is Dreams & Reality book 17 and doesn’t count as a Dysfunctional Chronicle because Nadine is a minor background character around which the plot revolves.

I will be taking a few days “off” before returning to the rewrite of Avenging Reality which I still hope to publish in 2020. If all works out, I will be publishing the next Nephilim Narrative in September, followed by Avenging Reality in October and Buried Dreams in December. It strikes me as I write this that means I have 2 of 2021’s books written (or mostly written) – Innocent Dreams and the untitled Dreams book where the team goes to Ciudad Juarez.

I need to plan out the next Dysfunctional Chronicle and the next Nephilim Narrative. It is astonishing to me that I am already planning for 2021. And before you ask why I’m not publishing Buried & Innocent which are both written in 2020; it’s because of editing time, cover creation, and oversaturation. If I publish books too closely together they suffer from poor sales as people try to decide which books to buy. I find they do better if they are published not more often than once a month. The editing process is roughly 4 weeks long; 2 editors, the alphas, and the betas. This does mean in theory, 12 books a year could be published, but that is overwhelming just thinking about it.

So, there is your update on the writing of Dysfunctional Dreams as well as the firm release date for Dysfunctional Dreams. And an idea of what else 2020 has to bring from me.

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