The Right To Infect Others

A lot of states have begun to mandate that people wear masks while out in public. This is meant to keep our retail workers from getting sick, but there is a lot of people who are convinced the government does not have the power to mandate someone wear a mask… I call this the “Right to Infect Others.” Also, I am shocked that during an act of terrorism, we the people were willing to allow the government more powers than they’d ever been granted before, including the right to spy on us via the Patriot Act, but in the middle of a health crisis, we want to fight the idea of wearing something so simple as a mask.

Here’s my thoughts on this. If you believe coronavirus was made in a lab (as opposed to being natural), this is infact a biological terrorist attack. During a terror attack, we allow the government to mandate what we do. Why then do they not have the power to mandate we wear masks in public to prevent even more deaths and illnesses among our population.

We’ve already seen crippling employee shortages in several industries. I’ve previously written about this, but of course, most people feel their right to not wear a mask is more important than being able to keep our store employees healthy enough to run stores (thereby allowing us to buy food and cleaning products).

And still, the focus remains on the death toll. We are close to 75,000 deaths in the US. More than 1.2 million infections across the country. As this number climbs, we need to remember it’s not about how many of these people will die, it’s about how many more these people will infect.

And realistically, if you think being forced to wear a mask is invasive of your rights… don’t come to Missouri. Several businesses (including malls and hair salons) are forcing potential customers to not only wear masks but to consent to having their temperature taken before they can enter a premises. And neither is mandated by the state. But employers are seeing the consequences of customers infecting their employees. Missouri opened back up this past week.

Here’s a lesson from the infections that we should all learn. A reader of mine contacted me in April, she owned a salon. She had 9 stylists and 2 aestheticians working for her. They were contacted by the local health department doing case tracing; someone who had died of COVID-19 had been to her salon 8 days previous and all her employees had to get tested. Herself, all 9 stylists, and both aestheticians tested positive. 7 of them were asymptomatic three of the others only had minor symptoms that they thought were allergies. That was in March. The mandated sterilization of the salon plus everyone being sick and needing quarantine killed her business.

So, yes you can defend your right to not wear a mask, but whose business will you be killing? So, ask yourself is your right to infect others more important than someone else’s dreams? And how badly will your right to infect others damage your local economy by forcing businesses that might have otherwise survived to close? One of my local business owners said “We [the business] can survive being shut down for 30 days, but it cannot survive all 21 of our employees getting sick and infecting our customers.”

As we open back up, remember that your right to infect others might kill someone else’s business and by it their dreams; which might be more damaging to the economy than the lockdowns. Not to mention the mental effects of dealing with a business failure.

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