Dysfunctional Expansion, Mask Holders, and More

The Dysfunctional Expansion releases today. Avenging Reality probably won’t come out until December or 2021 as it is being rewritten. I had to reorder buttons for the mask holders. I have several requests for them sitting in the HJ messages that I haven’t responded to. We’ve shipped out 5 packages of them and the shipping is killing me on them.

I can fit 50 of them in a padded flat rate mailer, but that is $8.40 in shipping costs, but the advantages are plentiful it’s automatically insured and I know it will get there in 3 days or less and I don’t have to go downtown to the post office. But that’s $42.00 I couldn’t spend on materials.

So, I may have to start charging $9 for shipping a bundle of them.

I have my first appointment with the cardiologist on Friday afternoon.

I’ve been working on Dysfunctional Dreams and we have a draft cover for it. I’m really excited about this book, I love Nadine and her bunch of kooks just as much as I love Aislinn and her merry band of serial killer hunters. They’ve been together far more in this book than any other and it’s been interesting.

Okay, that’s all my updates for today. Enjoy The Dysfunctional Expansion, I had a ton of fun with it, especially the armadillos.

4 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Expansion, Mask Holders, and More

  1. I have already started to read new book and am laughing as usual.
    I noticed that Kenzie’s baby has a different name than in other book. Before she was Nadia Louise,

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