The Noisy Car

For most of the month of April, we have been disturbed by a very noisy car. It doesn’t seem to have a muffler at all and it likes to park in front of our house which makes Lola and Kelly go ballistic. As the car got cozy across the street from us around 11 pm for its nightly sit, J decided he’d had enough.

By the time they finished with the arrest and towing, it was close to 1 am and there was a little less drugs on the street. Here’s the thing; yes we live in a subdivision but it’s a rural subdivision. My dogs are fairly familiar with the sounds of the neighbors’ cars and your obviously doesn’t belong.

Furthermore, you picked the house that almost never has lights off to sit in front of… I rarely go to bed before 1:30 am and it’s a split level so I need lights upstairs and downstairs to navigate and then most mornings the dogs are wanting out by 5 am…. so you pick the house that is dark for 3 and a half hours a night to park in front of… you deserve a Darwin Award.

Oh and also, you picked the house with the crime novelist inside it. Probably the only house in the entire neighborhood where the occupants know the survival stats for gunshot wounds off the top of their head and knows the odds are on their side. And also knows most people are about as observant as dead goldfish.

Had the person in the car been paying attention they would have seen me walk behind the car and get their license plate number and might have noticed my husband mean mugging them from the upstairs room. Or our backyard.

But alas, it was not to be. Instead the universe decided to let my entire household watch as they did a search of your car as well as listen to your lame ass excuse that you come out here just to sit because it’s quiet.

Not only were we entertained by the proceedings, but I get to blog about it. My only regret is that you didn’t have your usual car load. It would have been better to watch three of you get arrested than just one.

My advice; keep it in the city so it is less obvious you are dealing drugs out of your car in the middle of the night while the neighbors are still wide awake with the damn house lights on.

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