Don’t Do This

If you thought the Tide Pod challenge was stupid (and it was), the President in a moment of facetiousness suggested people inject disinfectant to battle coronavirus. Considering people have ingested fish tank cleaner for the hydroxychloroquine, I feel we need to reiterate that one should absolutely not inject or ingest disinfectants of any kind it will kill you.

I’ve watched the video clip of the president making this suggestion a dozen times in an attempt to figure out if he was making a joke or not. I started to believe it was a facetiousness comment because no one can seriously hear the suggestion and not think it’s a really stupid idea. Or at least, that’s my take on it and then I read Lysol issued a statement telling people not to do this and remembered we have warnings on hair dryers about not using them while we bathe…

I suspect none of my readers need me to tell them not to inject or ingest disinfectants because they already know it’s a terrible idea. However, perhaps the warning isn’t for yourself. We all have a person or two in our lives that we are amazed haven’t earned a Darwin Award and it is those people that need to hear this: Do not ingest or inject disinfectants. It will kill you way faster and worse than coronavirus.

Bleach is a base, ingesting it will throw off the PH of the acid in your stomach (remember acids and bases negate each other). It will also burn your throat and mouth if you drink it. It makes your fingers feel slippery when you get it there while doing laundry, imagine what it’s doing internally if you ingest or inject it and nearly all strong disinfectants use bleach or ammonia. Ammonia acts as both a base and an acid depending on the circumstances. The very smell of ammonia makes my sinus passages feel like they are on fire. I imagine drinking it would be similar to drinking bleach and following it with hydrochloric acid to try to stop the bleach from burning you.

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