Not A Miracle Cure

Novartis (the pharmaceutical company) has issued a statement that the preliminary tests of the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin at treating COVID-19 are uninspiring. The failure rate has been much higher than the success rate and while people think “hydroxychloroquine” is safe, it has some serious risks and side effects. It’s much like migraine medication there is a serious risk of death, but it’s better than struggling with lupus or malaria. The FDA still recommends not using it for off label treatments, including preventing or treating COVID-19.

The success rate is less than 15% in the Novartis studies. This means we have created a worldwide shortage of a necessary (and life saving) medication for no reason. This is why anecdotal evidence shouldn’t be considered the basis for making a decision even in a health crisis and people have died from self medicating with these two drugs.

And yet, as of yesterday, I still saw someone sharing information on social media about how to use the “miracle cure” combination. The black market is loving it; hydroxychloroquine usually sells for about a $1 per pill on the black market, but I read something the other day that said it is now selling for $143 a pill now. So, basically touting it as a miracle cure made criminals rich and did nothing to help the general public.

Novartis said more research was required to see why it helped the percentage it did help, although the efficacy rate wasn’t much higher than the placebo groups, so it might just be the placebo effect. So stop buying this medication it is more likely to kill you than cure you. Leave it for the people who need it for lupus and malaria and are monitored closely by doctors.

Also, coronavirus is still not a man made virus. Coronaviruses are naturally occurring viruses… there are literally thousands of them in the world, but only about a dozen can be hosted by humans – these are the ones we need to worry about and this newest one is a doozy.

The infection rate of coronavirus is officially higher than influenza. Furthermore, people keep comparing the 40,000 deaths from influenza each year in the US to the 40,000 coronavirus deaths. Folks, there is a serious time difference between those stats… those influenza deaths are for 12 months – 365 days… the coronavirus stats are for just 56 days – not even 2 months. First US death was February 28, 2020 and it’s just now April 24. So one day of February, 31 days of March and 24 days of April. We’ve had 48,000 deaths in just 56 days, influenza kills far fewer. We average 109 deaths a day from influenza. We are averaging 857 deaths a day from coronavirus. Heart disease has a daily average of 1,100 in the US. It is the number one killer in the US. But at only 250 deaths a day more than coronavirus, it is possible that when the virus peaks in the next couple weeks, it will surpass heart disease as the number one killer in the US.

And there is no cure. The “miracle cure” the president touted for several weeks doesn’t appear to be working. As someone who knows people with the virus, we really do need to continue to take this disease seriously.

One thought on “Not A Miracle Cure

  1. Now with his newest idea of using disinfectant injections those disinfectants will be even harder to obtain, Did someone question the mental stability of him?

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