The Dysfunctional Expansion

So, the editing is all done on The Dysfunctional Expansion. It will release as planned on April 30th. The situation with my father remains fluid… They put in a temporary ventricular assist device (VAD) as a sort of “hail Mary” and he is responding much better than they anticipated to it. So for the next 2 or 3 days or more, we are in a holding pattern. He is fully intubated to relieve stress on his heart (since a ventilator is breathing for him, he does not need to use 20% or so of his cardiac function breathing).

The finalized version of The Dysfunctional Expansion was uploaded to all retailers on the night of the 13th. So all the pre-orders will release as intended. As for me, I probably won’t be on social media much this week. I may post updates, but otherwise… J is off work the rest of the week to be home with me should the worst happen. Or for that matter the best… there is a slight chance that the device will keep my father stable enough for surgery. Part of his heart has weakened and the stress of that plus the blockage on the artificial valve damaged it.

This means that if he becomes stable on his own (once they remove the supporting medications) with the assistance of the temporary device they may be able to do surgery and save his life (replacing the valve and implanting a permanent VAD). Which made Wednesday a very long, tough, confusing day. It started at 5am with a call telling us he probably had 24 hours, 48 if he were really lucky. Then at 9ish we got the call about the ventricular device and that it was the only thing they could do for him and that we shouldn’t expect much. That was followed by the ICU nurse calling me at 4ish to say “Your father responded to the VAD much faster than most patients, he isn’t out of the woods yet, but there’s more hope now and it will all depend on if he remains stable after we start removing the support medications. I would recommend you prepare yourself for the next 24-72 hours to be a rollercoaster because he may improve and then get worse and then improve again and so on.”

I probably won’t work much the next 3 days which is why I probably won’t be on social media much. I will be spending the next couple of days in a holding pattern with my family. But rest assured, the book will release as expected regardless of what happens with my life the next week or so. We still can’t go to the hospital and see him, which is hard, but the nurses in the ICU have been great about taking my calls and giving me information.

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