For Those That Keep Saying “But Influenza Kills More.”

In 2018, influenza killed 34,000 people. That is a daily average of 94 people. The first death from coronavirus was in Kings County Washington February 29th. In the 33 days since there have been 5,307 deaths. For a daily average of 165 people. At this rate, in 2020 – 45,210 people will die from coronavirus just in the US…. far more than will die from influenza.

Community spread is on the rise in minor metropolitan areas as well as small towns and cities. Social distancing and lockdowns are helping, but when at least 25% of all coronavirus carriers do not show symptoms, it is hard to know if a person is infected or not.

My husband’s workplace has been deemed essential. It makes sense; they provide farmer support being a tractor dealership and mechanic shop. However, his immune system is a power house, I think it could fight off rabies. He’s one of the lucky ones. My immune system was damaged by measles when I was a child. If I get it, I probably won’t survive it because even with assistance my immune system will be super slow to respond and may not be able to respond with as much oomph as needed.

I had groceries delivered in the other day and I admit I worried a bit about it. I’m trying very hard not to leave my house for any reason. Because we haven’t seen the worst that coronavirus has to offer. We have yet to see numbers like what has come out of Italy and Spain where the daily death tolls were 400 or 500.

If I am not careful about where I go and who brings stuff to our house, I will not live long enough to meet Kilian the Great Nephew in person. Normally, I’m pretty supportive of a hedonistic lifestyle, but right now, you can’t practice hedonism and adhere to its tenants of “do what you want as long as it doesn’t harm others.”

Before we are past the worst of it, coronavirus will have killed more in the US than influenza. With a daily death toll average of 165 people, I think we can officially say this is worse than influenza…

One thought on “For Those That Keep Saying “But Influenza Kills More.”

  1. Know the feeling.. Final arrangements made so my son has an easier time with private and such.. Trying now to repair the hole in my short story the dog from heaven.. And posted three of my poems On pen name facebook….That way it’s at least out there… MY peak of mid May seems off because we have influx from East North South and west..Gotta love those college kids that took off for spring break and all testing positive now.. Their fun at the beach is the witch we have to face.. Latest MRI showed new lesion and a TIA event which is probably the increasing calls and new 800 spent on glasses.. Stay as safe as possible , son still works 5 days a week and still no kitchen so delivery of pick up our options good wise.. Love the timing of renovations… Crystal ball cracked on that one.. Good luck..


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