I Had A Meltdown

Last week, life, the universe, and everything, got to me and I had a small meltdown. I unplugged from social media and then when I came back on, I realized I was not ready for it yet so I unplugged again. I still have a touch of the blues this week, but I am working on getting myself back to normal. Dysfunctional Expansion will not come out April 1, but shortly after that it will. I still need to get through the edits and get it to beta readers and I’ve been unsure about publishing it during a recession. I don’t want people to feel pressured to buy it, but at the same time, people need things to read as they struggle to get through their own day to day lives. I do however have a cover.

I don’t have the jacket copy yet, but as soon as I do, I will put it on pre-order to release in late April (after Easter I think April 24th maybe). Ace is in this one and she’s kinda meanly funny at times. Why the UFO? Nadine is helping Alex track down Men in Black who took a UFO video. Hilarity ensues, I promise. This installment is much less dark and bleak than the last one. Krissy loved it and the scene where you meet Esmie she said made her literally laugh out loud and we could all probably use a bit of that.

Today’s goal is to get the Jacket Copy written and get started on the damn edits.

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