Pandemic Deniers

As yesterday shows, the pandemic deniers really piss me off. I can’t stand willful ignorance and stupidity. It makes me wonder why evolution gave us brains, because only about half the people in the world use them and I’m probably being generous in that estimate. I imagine the same type of people who deny there is a pandemic are the same kind of people that deny the Holocaust. And when you deny it, you are saying the 33,000+ people with COVID-19 are just faking it or playing it up and the 400 dead don’t matter at all. You are also saying your opinion is more important than those of experts.

Furthermore, your selfishness is showing through. Your saying your desire to go out with friends should be more important than the health of your community. You are literally saying F*ck the high risk, what do I care if they get sick and die?

As someone with half a dozen or more people in my life at high risk of death from COVID-19, I care a great deal. As someone who has helped do statistical analysis to determine if an epidemic exists, I care. I understand how 2 cases become 6 cases that then become 33,000 cases. And while you are going on and on about how this isn’t a big deal, I’m wondering if I will get to see Kilian the Great Nephew in person because infants are susceptible to complications from COVID-19.

My boss in epidemiology Eduardo once told me no one thinks much about an epidemic until it personally affects them. Unless you are one of those people who can see every tree when you look into the forest. He told me I was one of those. I didn’t know what it meant until I started assisting with the in depth analysis. I look at that number 33,000+ cases and I don’t see a number, I see people. Those are mothers and fathers, children, grandparents, they are young and old alike, some were healthy and some weren’t and next year or the year after a percentage of them will be applying for disability because of the scarring to their lungs caused by COVID-19. I read that cases have doubled in Missouri and wonder if the next time it doubles will my FIL with COPD be among those numbers? Or will it be my own father who has heart disease and an artificial heart valve and diabetes? Will it be my brother-in-law who has one lung that only works at 50% capacity? Or any of my friends that are nurses, doctors, paramedics, and police officers? Or Jude or Caiden or Kilian. Or me because my immune system was damaged by measles when I was young and doesn’t work correctly – a cold is like catching plague, I can’t imagine what COVID-19 would do to me.

It isn’t worry or anxiety, I don’t wake up each day worrying that today is the day someone close to me catches COVID-19. It’s awareness. It’s that awareness that has kept me off social media. Because Eduardo was correct, no one thinks much about an epidemic until it hits close to home. I’ve watched this happen before with a less awful epidemic – H1N1. My mom had a sister die from Swine Flu in 2009 while everyone was saying “it isn’t a big deal, only the elderly catch it and die” except she was in her fifties; didn’t even qualify for a senior citizen’s discount and aside from osteoporosis she didn’t have health problems.

And I get so angry because the deniers will continue to deny it until their spouse or children need ventilators and then they will blame everyone else for the problem. “Well if you thought you had coronavirus why didn’t you stay home and not give it to my family!” And the answer is “Why did you think it wasn’t a big deal before now”. Few things raise my blood pressure faster than hypocrisy. And all the deniers will become hypocrites if it continues to spread, because while it originally had a 5% infection rate is increasing.

This morning bright and early, “shelter in place” orders were given for my county. And once I get meds for my dogs (we are getting two months worth), I intend to do just that. Because my loved ones are important to me and I am not willfully ignorant or blind and I know what coronavirus does to people, even the healthy ones, and I don’t want to put any of them through that. And I hope that when your loved one gets sick no one is forced to decide whether they get a ventilator or not. And I hope that when they recover they don’t have lung scarring so badly they have to go on disability. And I hope you stop being lead by the nose by sociopaths and psychopaths, who by definition cannot feel empathy or sympathy for their fellow humans. Because this pandemic is going to get worse and we started taking measures too late to stop it… we can only slow it and people who think it isn’t a big deal aren’t seeing the big picture and they are the ones that will continue to make it worse. When your loved one gets sick, they will blame everyone else because inside they will know really it’s their fault because they didn’t believe the doctors and epidemiologists who kept telling them to stay inside and away from people.

One thought on “Pandemic Deniers

  1. Well said. I haven’t seen my son and his wife, or my two grand kids since this whole thing started because while I am not sick, and I have no symptoms, I do not want to take any chances AT ALL with the health of my 4 year old or 10 month old grand kids. I have not seen my 86 year old father either because he has stage 2 emphysema at is higher risk. I saw a quote that said “don’t self isolate like you don’t want to get the virus, self isolate like you have it and don’t want to give it to others”.

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