Big Picture

So many people still aren’t seeing the big picture. They still see coronavirus as a political media hoax. But guess what, NYC is starting to run out of ventilators. The average age of an ICU patient has dropped to 46 years old. Relatively healthy people who get coronavirus end up on ventilators in the ICU and if they don’t have a ventilator to give them like what’s happened in Italy they drown in their own blood and mucus. It’s fine when it’s a statistics, but when it’s YOUR loved one and some random person has to decide if this 45 year old father who is 10 pounds overweight has a worse chance of surviving than this 47 year old father who jogs five miles a day and so they let YOUR 45 year old loved one die, maybe THEN you’ll start seeing the big picture and WHY coronavirus is not like the influenza.

Folks, in the last 20 years influenza has never caused Italy to run out of ventilators for ICU patients in need of them. Novel Coronavirus did… and those types of decisions have had to be made – do we save Person A or do we save Person B because we have 2 patients that need ventilators both in their 40s and we only have 1 ventilator so one of them is going to have to drown.

Viruses do not care about politics. And this will come as an even bigger surprise for some of you, they don’t care about your wealth. A city in the US has so many patients they are running out of ventilators for them and we are not talking about the sick and feeble elderly we are talking about people in their 30s and 40s. In Atlanta there is a 12 year old child with no pre-existing health conditions who caught coronavirus and is now on a ventilator. In three weeks, we might be trying to decide if we give the ventilator to the 12 year old or the 6 year old because we do not have an infinite supply of ventilators in the world. If we did, China and Italy would not have faced the ventilator crisis.

WE HAVE GOT TO STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS IN TERMS OF THE MORTALITY RATE. Yes, influenza kills tens of thousands every year. Yes, it has a higher mortality rate than novel coronavirus. But each and every one of us has the ability to create antibodies to every type of influenza strain out there. The same is not true of novel coronavirus. Also, the majority of people who get influenza do not need to be hospitalized to stop them from drowning in their own blood and mucus, hell most people who get pneumonia don’t have to be hospitalized to stop that, but that is exactly what happens with coronavirus.

Not to everyone, I will give you that. But about 40%% do and that 40% is the serious problem and why this is a very concerning pandemic. In Missouri Friday there were 90 cases of coronavirus on Monday there were 184. In three days we doubled the number of cases, part of this is due to testing but part is just due to the fact that people are still passing the virus to each other because they still want to believe it’s political and it isn’t any worse than influenza.

And here’s an added bonus, you survive coronavirus without needing a ventilator. Woohoo! The scarring to the alveoli (the little air sacs in the lungs that make it possible for oxygen to enter your bloodstream and oxygenate your muscles) can be so intensely scarred you will have breathing problems for the rest of your life… even with a moderate case. Now, your lungs are so damaged you have to go on disability for the rest of your life and possibly use an oxygen tank and the only thing you can say is “but I was only 35” well, folks that 25-44 age range is the second hardest age range being hit by coronavirus and 24% of those cases are requiring hospitalization with ventilators. That will have an impact on our future, a serious impact.

These are the problems. It isn’t about the deaths, not really, those are sad, tragic, and awful, but the long term repercussions of getting coronavirus can be life altering, even for healthy people… that is the real problem.

So yes, let’s remove the restrictions because it’s only 5% of the US population that will get sick in the next 6-12 weeks. Surely the economy will improve with 15 million sick Americans – 3% of which will die that’s only 450,000 people and only 40% will need to be hospitalized… I mean what’s 6 million people hospitalized in the next 6-12 weeks going to do? It can’t be that bad.

And those numbers are just from coronavirus, they don’t include other illnesses, hospitalizations, or deaths. Sure, our economy can survive that even as the rest of the world’s economies struggle under their own burdens with coronavirus. If you still believe this is a hoax or not a big deal it’s because you are being willfully ignorant to the situation around you.

2 thoughts on “Big Picture

  1. I can buy that, that’s why I have been basically locked in my bedroom since I was forced to go into ” a medical Practice”: that packed people like sardines into it’s waiting room because it was a pain clinic…Days after the no more than 10 in a room warning on St. Patricks Day. I have been locked in because of my health concerns. And having my Father in Law collapse on Thursday. My son stayed at a hospital all night and come home just in Time to race back for Grandfather to pass… Yea it may be that being in KY things aren’t being reacted too in the same way yet, but I hear It’s no big deal from my Son the only one to leave the house daily.
    Smoker,MS, Breast cancer in 2016, Just managed to get over about a month of Walking pneumonia, {Bacterial} Caught from said son. Just as this hit the President forming a task force.
    Having watched the Entire upper part of the Government become mobilized to Toss him out I am now supposed to take the Media’s word on something? No Questions ask? Oh and the ones most at his throat now singing his praises? Except for Aunt Botox Nancy Who wants to never let a crisis pass without throwing the entire kitchen sink into the bill to bail us out ?
    I was a vent nurse for years now I am just an old woman hiding in her house that she can’t fix watching the small inheritance go down the drain with the stock market, Call me a conspiracy nutcase my son has since I voted Trump in 2016. And started saying the Democrats aren’t telling the truth.
    I know you studied this stuff I just wrote reviews on it..and found out anyone I trusted with what I had written threw it away. Bitter pill.


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