Shelter in Place

In Missouri this week, all our major metropolitan areas went on lockdown for 30 days. I suspect our county and town will be following suit late this week as our cases more than doubled over the weekend. Sheltering in place will be fairly easy for me.

We bought a quarter of a cow in December, so we are stocked up on food. Now, since I already work from home and I have hobbies like crochet; I’ll be fine with the shelter in place orders. It’s J that will struggle. He likes to do puzzles and he has some he hasn’t put together yet, but only a handful and if he’s working on them every day, he’ll run out in about 12 days. He can do most 5,000 piece puzzles in three days or less if he’s dedicating a lot of time to them. Unfortunately, like me, working is part of his identity.

And I think we should all prepare for shelter in place orders. Last week, 12 people I knew were either laid off or had their hours at work drastically reduced due to the pandemic. And if we don’t get it stopped, things will get worse. As cases increase the economy decreases and a nationwide shelter in place is the only way we are going to drop the spread. I think it’s too late to stop it entirely, but we can still slow it down.

Everyone stay safe. I will be back late this week. I decided I needed a serious break from the bickering over whether this is a “hoax” or “fake” news despite the fast rising number of cases and global economic slowdown.

One thought on “Shelter in Place

  1. want me to send you a Amazon package?
    hate them with a passion seeing how they treat some employees… yet they have it all..


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