The Quarantine Novel

I tried multiple times this week to work on Dysfunctional Dreams. I could not get the self isolation/quarantine situation out of my head. Even after stepping away from social media for a day or two, it was still in the forefront of my brain. And so, I took BBC, CNN, and the CBC news apps off my phone leaving only local news available to me. And it was still there… influencing every word I wrote. This is less surprising than one might think. Often after a mass shooting, I have trouble getting that idea out of my head and a hundred or so authors have put out short stories or novels dealing with terrorist attacks usually having the inspiration for it hit during the aftermath of the event.

And so as I continued my steady diet of horror movies interspersed with reruns of British TV shows that were much lighter than the horror movies or real life, I started my quarantine novel. If I can’t get the situation out of my brain, I might as well write about it… in a fictionalized way.

I imagine in a year we’ll see a surge in zombie novels. I won’t be one of them, deciding at the outset that while I didn’t know exactly what my quarantine novel was going to be about, it wouldn’t be zombies.

And when I decided to let my brain process and internalize the quarantines and self isolations and daily increases of cases around the world; the words flowed and all my other WiPs went away. If this situation lasts as long as I expect, then I have about a month and a half to use it as my muse. Thankfully, the vertigo went away after a slight decrease in fluid pressure in my ears and my wheelchair cushion arrived in time for me to write.

I read an article about why self imposed quarantines fail to work and then I read an article out of Italy about how their self quarantines are failing because people can’t be trusted to follow the rules of quarantine, especially younger people who aren’t high risk (15-45 age range). The older folks and those who are high risk are much better when it comes to self quarantining, which makes sense. I imagine that will figure into the book to some degree.

Now, because of the insanity of both my life and the global situation, I think my publishing dates are going to change. I still don’t have the cover for The Dysfunctional Expansion and I haven’t pressed Angela about it. And while the book has been edited, I haven’t tackled the second round of edits or even thought about them really, let alone sent it to betas. My new goal is sometime in April for Dysfunctional Expansion and sometime in probably late June for Dysfunctional Dreams – although it could turn out to be July. In a pinch, Buried Dreams, Innocent Dreams, and Demon Boxes are written and could be edited, covers made, and the books published. But I am hoping to stick to the Dysfunctional Expansion and Dysfunctional Dreams publishing order.

One thought on “The Quarantine Novel

  1. You Still have your Dreams. I wish you well. REALLY I DO..
    I have a Kitchen that is unusable, bathrooms nearly as bad inheriting a 1950s house that Mom couldn’t upkeep … spending money of take out ? because oh never mind he ate so just me…
    Yet I am supposed to give him the house pristine, teah, not anytime soon.


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