Coronavirus is more like Rabies than Influenza

Coronavirus is more like rabies than influenza, stop thinking of it like seasonal flu, it is far more serious. The difference lies in the DNA of the virus. The DNA makes it a zoonotic disease just like rabies. Unfortunately, every so often the prolific mutations undergone by viruses makes them communicable from animal to people, just like rabies. Unfortunately, unlike rabies coronavirus started out as a respiratory illness in animals and remained that way when it evolved to attacking humans. And then the worst happened and coronavirus became communicable person to person through coughs.

Now, here’s the kicker just because the DNA has mutated enough to allow it to use humans as a host, doesn’t make it a human disease. It is STILL a zoonotic (animal disease) virus… just like rabies. Humans have trouble creating antibodies to fight animal viruses. This is why you have a limited amount of time to get rabies vaccinations if you think you’ve been infected and rabies still kills people. You can have rabies for months and chances are even as it destroys your brain your immune system won’t recognize it as a virus.

Now, we are slightly luckier with novel coronavirus than rabies because our bodies will eventually recognize it and build a few antibodies, but not in the quantity and not with the quality that it will build antibodies to fight influenza which is a virus that prefers human hosts and is considered a human virus as a result. Even with exposure to coronavirus you do not build up the amount of antibodies you build up against influenza and since it isn’t a human virus those antibodies do not work as well against coronavirus as the antibodies our immune system builds to fight influenza.

Imagine if rabies could be passed human to human with a cough or sneeze instead of a bite… That’s what we are dealing with.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus is more like Rabies than Influenza

  1. Once again I applaud you for presenting a calm and sane viewpoint divergent from all the hysteria and deliberate misinformation.

    As a species, we will survive this pandemic.

    One item though – coronaviruses’ genetic code is RNA, not DNA.

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  2. My Father in Law died Friday morning..Not of virus, just plain old heart attack, seizure or pulmonary issue.. By that I mean he was fully coded by EMS multiple times and in ER his o2 sats were 30 when intubated.. in ICU he was extubated Being a DNR they followed his wishes and slowly his o2 sats got up into low 80;s then he passed,,DR’s & Nurses were not in PPE, Flu kills more then this virus that has everyone following news panic attacks… They roll out numbers but still Pandemic? not seeing it.. my son and EX there where no virus patients at the hospital not one.. my ex was down stairs heard his father fall came up finding him seizing and then go limp while waiting on EMS. His Dad was fine 15 min before but had long hx of cardiac issues…
    of course Democrats let no emergency go to waste… they are doing their best to use this to bring the President down. does no one remember SARS, h1n1, bird flu, Mers… Schools closed for the year, colleges, Talking to the UK someone with sickle cell in hosp because her 13 yr old tripped with a glass in his hand,, they are out till September… Pelosi and Schummer talking to China…President is racist for not being politically correct…they are willing to lift tariffs for what could be tainted meds…What happened to the Muslims in China they had in camps released to spread something? or just killed so they coundn’t…level 4 bio lab fires Chinese scientist in Canada..then Hong Kong riots..suddenly Flu in China’s level 4 lab area?? AOC pointing out see her green new deal would work… is this real or Propaganda ? false flag or just not as spread as they report ??Too many unanswered questions but her they have u in lock down… Elections put off what is happening?? I know that 12 yrs ago I a lowly LPN had to train RN’s on the vents then not that actually would work them no just so they would be my supervisors…

    also, The work I promised Mom before she died.. not going to publish gave copies away too many times.. and no one kept them.. add in a currupted computer and missing part of Story of the Dog from Heaven and Google refusing to reopen my account because the Motherboard died.. Even with a Facebook Account in Pen Name still they tell me I have to pick a different pen name that one is in use YEAH by ME… to heck with it I tried,,,


    1. You will when you or someone you know who is healthy gets sick and needs a ventilator but like Italy we’ve run out and some random person has to decide if you’re worthy of a ventilator.


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